Tamara Tumarinson Mordukhovich - Daughter of Mordukhaim, Sister of Zalman, Samuel, Bronya, and Riva.  
  She left for America with another family when she was young and single some time around  Russian Revolution of 1917. She wrote letters to her family, but staying in touch became dangerous during the Communist regime, the contact was lost, and the letters were burned.
Here are the various records tracing Tamara, however there is no guarantee it was the same Tamara. This document shows she changed her name to Tessie Heller. Her Husbands Name was Joseph Heller, and her daughter's name was Marylin US Petition for Natuaralization, US Census
  Keep in mind that the town of Dobromysl was part of the Vitebsk region, so any references to either one would mean the same thing. Dobromysl is located 26 miles SE of Vitebsk
The name Tumarinson is often spelled as Tomarinson.  
  It turns out that Tessie Heller on this blog was not the one we were looking for, as per blog author's response to me.